Revolutionising RUC Management: IVCS ONE Partners with Picobyte Solutions


Written by Haydn Bowbyes

July 28, 2023

Electronic Road Usage Charge Management approved by NZTA


IVCS ONE partner with an NZTA approved Electronic RUC Service Provider – Picobyte Solutions who own the brands – RUC Monkey and myRUC.

myRUC is the newly approved ERUC management system designed specifically for buses. The system was designed in conjunction with Picobyte and extensively tested by NZ Bus under the aegis of Waka Kotahi (NZTA).

The new system enables compliance with all the NZTA RUC legislation and enhances the Digitisation of RUC revenue collection and compliance services.

In the future when all EV’s are un-exempted for RUC, NZTA expects to mandate electronic displays, myRUC is the first such service that utilizes the already proven and established RUC Monkey services to allow ERUC license purchase via smartphone and uses the NFC chip in the phone to transfer the license to the on-windscreen E-paper display.

To ensure that the RUC is concurrent, Buses will be supplied with an electronic wheel sensor which will sync odo each time the vehicle passes a depot gate reader. A RUC license dashboard will advise of an asset nearing a RUC license purchase threshold and can be set to renew automatically or enable the Fleet administrator to purchase via the online portal. Once purchased, this licence gets automatically notified and uploaded to the myRUC mobile app ready for transfer to the on-windscreen Display.

As this display is self-provisioned, there are no wires to install it thus avoiding any costly installation costs. The above is applicable for Buses and Coaches.

For light vehicles, myRUC will integrate with the in-vehicle telematics device for virtual odometer and ensure RUC is concurrent and purchase RUC and made available on the app for transfer. For your trucks (assets with mass > 3.5 Tonnes), conventional eRUC with an integrated telematics and sensor system – RUC Monkey will be provisioned. RUC Monkey is an electronic RUC system that manages your road user charges on the fly. Its secret lies in the new-generation wireless technology. This lets us install it faster and get your trucks back on the road in minimum time. RUC monkey has gone through serious testing all around the country to ensure superior reliability & accuracy.

Transforming the electronic management of Road user charges, RUC Monkey is an affordable and accurate answer to road user charges management.

RUCOR or RUC off-roads is fully automated and will utilize the Geotab telematics GPS data to be post processed within the RUC Monkey platform to note any travel within marked geo-fences or on private roads to be collated into an off-road report. The RUCOR forms are all automated and so is the submission to NZTA once it is set up.

RUC licence payments are all purchased via a direct debit system and the platform provides all the DD reconciliation and daily statements to reconcile with your bank including every transaction as an electronic invoice from NZTA .

Built and operated by New Zealand-based company Picobyte Solutions Ltd, myRUC and RUC Monkey are both proudly New Zealand inventions and continue to be manufactured locally. Partnering with another NZ Based business IVCS ONE, brings with it a seamless integration to IVCS ONE’ lineup of products from DriveCam, DriveAlert+, DriveTrain, GeoTab and much much more.

CEO of IVCS ONE, Haydn Bowbyes believes that having a single seamless sign-on, you can have your fleet and fleet risk management bases covered in a way that gives the ultimate clarity and just makes way more sense than many of the other alternatives. I am very excited to see this partnership come together and look forward to providing bespoke solutions for our many existing clients and prospects, solutions that range from basic to full service.

Our NZ-based team is renowned for the level of after-sales support we offer and our product lineup is world-leading. From best-of-breed in-cab and around truck camera solutions to active fatigue management, top-end tracking and now eRUC solutions, we have a pretty compelling story to tell.

The Picobyte product is available now from IVCS ONE.

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