DriveCam is a technology-based program that provides a 12-second video clip with audio, anytime a vehicle is in a high-risk situation or involved in unusual motion. 


Benefits include:

  • Identify risky driving behavior immediately and provide evidence of this for training
  • Provide comprehensive information on accidents, cause and thus responsibility
  • Future accident prevention through guaranteed driver risk reduction


Why DriveCam?

  • 95% of crashes and collisions caused by driver error
  • Direct correlation between specific actions and
    • Near-misses
    • Minor crashes
    • Major collisions
  • Near misses caused by unsafe behaviors are not visible until too late (actual crash occurs).
  • Many cars on NZ roads are uninsured and often the drivers of these vehicles will provide false statements to avoid having to pay for damage to either vehicle.
  • Truck drivers are often ‘guilty until proven innocent’ due to many years of one-sided negative media coverage around trucks on our roads.
  • DriveCam ticks almost all the legislative H+S requirements around safe vehicle operation and best practice for any vehicle fleet cars/vans/trucks/machinery.


Proven benefits

  • Major fleet operators return to DriveCam year-after-year because the DriveCam program has been proven to deliver significant monetary and indirect benefits.
  • Fleets using DriveCam’s solution realise millions of dollars in savings when they:
    • Prevent collisions – Fleet operators see collision cost reductions of up to 80% in Property & Auto Liability and Workers Compensation claims.
    • Prevent fraudulent claims – DriveCam’s exception-based video captures indisputable evidence when an event occurs, protecting drivers and fleets from fraudulent or other errant claims.
    • Prevent fuel waste – Typical reduction of up to 12% through the management of efficient driving, excessive idling and speeding.
  • Fleets also realise a variety of important indirect benefits from developing and maintaining a world-class safety culture. With DriveCam, you will:
    • Protect your drivers from the devastating impact of being involved in a collision – and exonerating them when they are in a no-fault collision.
    • Protect your brand by minimizing high-profile collisions that might end up on the evening news.
    • Exemplify good corporate citizenship by contributing to a safer and more environmentally conscious community.
  • The DriveCam solution ticks almost all the legislative H+S requirements around safe vehicle operation and best practice for any vehicle fleet cars/vans/trucks/machinery
  • DriveCam is dedicated to helping drivers perform everyday to the best of their ability – while also delivering bottom-line results. Let us show you what we can do for your fleet. 


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